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  • Jonathan Joffe

First Smart Device for Myopia Related Behavioural Control

Olympia Optics is the leading the way in Myopia Control with the new Smart Device for Myopia Related Behavioural Control.

We know that 30% of Myopia (short sightedness) is due to genetics (the way you are born) and 70% due to epigenetics (a genetic predisposition that may lead to disease with lifestyle behaviour) and hence behaviour plays a significant role in the development of Myopia.

Two devices are available, the Clouclip Device M2 is for analysing the risk of myopia for your child. The child attaches a small digital device on the temple of their frame (or any sample frame provided by Olympia Optics). The child’s reading distance, total amount of time spend at near and any amount of sunlight exposure is measured and analysed for the Myopia Risk Report.

This information helps the eye care practitioner to personalise treatment options for their patients by encouraging the appropriate reading distance and outdoor exposure.

For those who need extra help to break bad habits ClouClip Device P2 is available.

This device will vibrate if the child is holding the reading material too close and thereby reducing further increase in myopia.

This device is available for purchase or on a loan contract.

Contact Olympia Optics today to hear more about this: +26461372620

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