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The "new normal" due to COVID-19 has lead to children spending four or more hours per day on electronic devices, watching television, using handheld devices and even completing schoolwork remotely. Additional to this we are aware of children who are "gamers" and spend many more hours on digital screens indoors. This is a major risk factor for developing progressive myopia.

Myopia has been growing at a rapid rate in children, and it significantly increases a child's risk for more serious eye diseases – even blindness – in adulthood. Yet because so few parents are familiar with myopia, it goes untreated in staggering numbers, creating barriers for children.

It's important to prioritize seeing (in-person or virtually) an eye doctor for early detection, as pediatric or school screenings are not enough. In addition to seeing a doctor, parents should do their best to help kids balance screen time and near-work with other, preferably outdoor, activities.

To follow along with the campaign, search #GameOverMyopia on social media.

Contact Olympia Optics today for advice on how to avoid progressive Myopia developing in your child.


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