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New Look for Spring?

Come visit us and explore our new range of colour contact lenses now in stock.

We have the cheerful (brighten up your look) sweet mint, cloudy blue, marble grey and foamy beige in stock as well as a violet trublends (a naturally blending tone).

As with any contact lens, an eye evaluation and full instructions are essential before wearing coloured contact lenses. Even if you only want to enhance your natural look.

An optometrist will assess whether or not you a good candidate for contact lenses along with advice on how to use them safely and prevent eye infections that can arise from incorrect contact lens wear.

The lenses come as a pair, recommended for daily wear up to 30 days.

Daily wear contact lenses are worn during the day and must be removed and cleaned before sleeping. After 30 days the lenses are replaced.

Is it okay to wear coloured contact lenses every day?

Coloured contact lenses are no different from vision-correcting contact lenses.

The lenses can be worn every day. As with any contact lens wear, it is important to follow the safety and hygiene instructions on how long to wear the lenses before removing, cleaning, or disposing of the product.

Dark eyes?

Coloured contacts are suitable for dark eyes as well.

You may find that using semi-opaque or opaque lenses provide better results, especially if they are choosing a lighter colour lens.

Less opaque lenses may not cover the natural colour of the eyes.

It remains essential to have regular eye exams when wearing any contact lenses.

Remember that contact lenses are medical devices that require a commitment to proper wear and care by the wearer. If not used correctly, all contact lenses can increase your chance of an eye infection.

Contact us for your individual assessment and any questions.

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