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SHAPE UP YOUR STYLE Finding the ideal shape to match your face

Your spectacles are more than just tools for clear vision – they are also an extension of your style and personality. When selecting the perfect pair of frames, it is essential to consider not only your prescription needs but also how the frame shape compliments your face.

Let us explore the art of choosing the right frame shape to enhance your natural features and elevate your overall look.


Before diving into the world of frames, you should identify your face shape.

There are five primary face shapes.


While considering your face shape is crucial, do not forget to let your style preferences shine through. Whether you prefer classic, bold, retro or minimalistic frames, there is a frame style that suits your taste and complements your face and shape.


When in doubt, seek the guidance of an optometrist. They possess the expertise to help you select frames that not only enhance your vision but also match your face shape perfectly, ensuring both comfort and style. The right pair of glasses is not just about seeing clearly, it is about seeing and looking your best.

Written by: Sonja Boost

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