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The Latest Eyewear Trends of 2021

With spring just around the corner, we sometimes feel like revamping our look. A new hairstyle, some new clothing items in our wardrobe, but you could even change your style with a new pair of frames, which are trendy at the moment.

If you are a fashion lover why not invest in a pair of glasses, whether you insert prescription lenses, or whether you need glasses when working on the computer with blue light blocking lenses. Even as merely a fashion statement, a new pair of trendy, eye-catching spectacles can refresh your look.

Below are 5 eyewear trends that could complete your look and ensure that you turn heads this spring.

1. The Vintage-Inspired Geometric Shape Frames

Olympia Optics - Eyewear Trends 2021
Olympia Optics - Eyewear Trends 2021

The rounds, the rectangular, the ovals and the squares are back in vogue. They impress almost everyone. These shapes in bolder colours or clear versions can match almost everything in your wardrobe. They are slightly oversized but surely will give your style a boost.

These shapes really suit a round face well and are perfect for a professional look and even when going to a party.

1. The Transparent Rims: Easy-To-Wear Glamour

One of the eyewear styles from last year that has again made its place into this season is the clear, transparent frame style. The translucent coloured eyeglass frames are sophisticated and at the same time fashionable. These trendy frames look impressive on both men and women.

Oversized honey shades, transparent grey, neutral dusted pink are the top picks of the season.

Clear glasses are a fresh, fun style that easily raises your style quotient.

Maybe they are here to stay for many more seasons.

2. The Old School Metal Wired Glasses

Olympia Optics - Eyewear Trends 2021
Olympia Optics - Eyewear Trends 2021

These iconic glasses are available in different shapes and sizes, as well as in a variety of colours.

Metal wired glasses are also supremely lightweight, durable and flexible.

The classic black colour is very versatile, it is comfortable on casual occasions, as well as formal ones.

To make it look even better, wear it with a blazer.

3. Thin Rim Frames: For Understated Elegance

Olympia Optics - Eyewear Trends 2021
Olympia Optics - Eyewear Trends 2021

There is nothing more chic than a sleek pair of gold or rose gold rimmed metal frame. Pair them with basic plain colours and you are going to be the best dressed person in the room.

These glasses are totally elegant and formal. So, if you have an important meeting or want a new look at work, try one of these metal glasses.

4. Round Glasses: Not Just For The Wizard

Olympia Optics - Eyewear Trends 2021
Olympia Optics - Eyewear Trends 2021

Though round glasses have been in fashion for the past years, the metal rimmed round glasses are definitely getting more attention this season.

Try these round frame high-nose bridge glasses because there is nothing better than round glasses in nude colours to help you style effortlessly, yet elegantly.

Round glasses are not only for Harry Potter fans but for people who would like to add a quirky or fashionable touch to their look. If you have an angular face shape with sharp jawlines, round glasses are made for YOU!

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